Our workshops have been designed with industry input. Develop transferable skills that will benefit your studies and future career.

Enhance your English skills. Study smart. Build your employability.

Learn Smart, Play Smart… Enhance your employability skills

Get career coaching with industry experts, brush up on your digital literacy skills and connect with others…

Careers Consultations

So how do you start the search and what can you do to stand out in a sea of graduates?

Get advice on how to kick off your career, the right way…

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Entering Professional Life

Do you need extra motivation to get an internship?

This course will provide you with the opportunity to gain real-world work experience, increase your employability and strengthen your professional identity.

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LinkedIn Labs

The LinkedIn Lab is run to help you get started on using LinkedIn. Learn more about LinkedIn’s features and functionalities, how to manage your online professional identity and how you can use your time at university to build your professional network.

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Back-to-Basics – Resume and Cover letter Writing

Back to Basics – Resume & Cover Letter Writing focuses on how to structure an effective resume and cover letter, how to target the job you’re applying for and how to make your application stand out from the crowd.

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Practical Career Skills Workshop

Run through the Education and Career Support Program, this program aims to increase employability for people with a disability.

Accomplish Intensive

Hosted by UTS:Careers, Accomplish Intensive is a three-day program specifically designed for the newest UTS graduates. The program equips students with key employability skills prior to entering the workforce, including running a mock interview where students can practice their skills.

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Accomplish Award

The UTS Accomplish Award is a year-long program designed to increase UTS students’ success in the graduate recruitment process and throughout their careers.

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Back-to-Basics – Interview Skills

Back to Basics – Interview Skills is run to increase your confidence at interviews and get advice focusing on what employers look for and how to prepare for interviews. This small group workshop will also give you the opportunity to practice interview questions with other students.

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Global Scope

Teamwork, communication, employability, professional workplace insight.

This summer internship opportunity connects university students with industry mentors to deliver three- or six-week projects to clients including NSW government departments, businesses and NGOs.

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BUiLD (Beyond UTS International Leadership Development) is a dynamic leadership program open to all UTS students. It provides opportunities, both locally and internationally, to develop your skills, broaden your horizons and build your leadership potential.

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Univative Sydney is an annual inter-university consultation competition involving students from UTS, UNSW, Macquarie University, University of Wollongong, Australian Catholic University and Central Queensland University (Sydney Campus).

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This social leadership and volunteer program allows students to venture beyond their degree and into the community. Students apply their learnt skills and knowledge to the real world, all the while developing leadership skills and building networks.

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Study skills and building your confidence

Learn skills that will assist you throughout your academic journey and boost your confidence in several areas…

International Intensive electives

Would you like to complete one of your electives overseas? The International Intensive Electives provide a three to four week global experience program in another country. You can apply once you’ve successfully completed at least 24 credit points of undergraduate study in your degree. Subjects include International Internship, In-country Contemporary Society Study and In-country Language and Culture Study.

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Start the Conversation

Conversations@UTS provides a great opportunity for you to build both competence and confidence in English.

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Come along to improve your English conversation skills, written expression and pronunciation in a friendly and relaxed environment.

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Intensive courses on Academic Writing and Seminar presentations.

Learn how to write well as a university student in the writing Series, you’ll also learn how to express our self clearly and present your objectives well during Seminars.

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The sessions run aren’t as formal as your tutorials or lectures. In fact, they’re all about smaller groups that are informal, flexible and responsive to students’ abilities and needs. It’s also important to know that our programs don’t target ‘high risk’ students but ‘high risk’ subjects –meaning anyone can benefit.

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Prepare your mindset….

Learn more about mindfulness, and preparing for your future studies and career….

Drop-in Mindfulness sessions

Mindfulness meditation can assist with bringing your attention to the present moment and can also encourage more awareness of times when your attention is elsewhere.  These attentional skills can be helpful for both academic and life success.  In these 40 minute sessions you will be guided through a mindfulness practice, encouraged to reflect on your experience, and hear tips designed to support you in developing your practice.

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Mindfulness for Academic Success

A 90 – minute class, Mindfulness for Academic Success (MAS) will provide strategies aimed at helping you manage specific challenges commonly identified by university students. These include strategies targeting: stress management, increasing attention and concentration capacities, overcoming procrastination, and developing more adaptive study habits.

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Managing Exam and Assessment Anxiety

This workshops aims to minimise the negative impact anxiety has on study and exam performance. You’ll learn more about anxiety and its impact, skills to control your anxiety and identify strategies to implement before exams.

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Stay On Track

Stay On Track has been designed to build on the Academic Caution Program, with topics including time management, census date discussions and preparing for exams. It’s a fantastic opportunity to help you get back on track with your studies for the remainder of your course.

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Procrastinate later

Stop avoiding those tasks and learn strategies to stop procrastinating. This workshop will cover  a range of different skills that can help you manage those procrastination habits.

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Summer English Language Development Program

This program is run by UTS housing and aims to assist our students in fostering communicative confidence in an inclusive and social environment.

Come along to meet new people and develop your speaking and writing skills in a comfortable and fun setting.

Have a look and see what interests you below, and for more information, visit the UTS Housing website

December 2017

The theme of December is FOOD! Have some fun by sharing meal preparation tips whilst enjoying some tasty treats. You’ll also have the opportunity to present food and stories from another culture. December will definitely be delicious!

Date Skills Focus
Fri 1st Speaking
Thu 7th Writing
Fri 8th Speaking
Thu 14th Writing
Fri 15th Speaking

January 2018 is all about travel and sport. So if you’re interested in social sports (think badminton, or volleyball) and keen on taking a field trip to La Perouse, then this may be of interest to you!

Date Focus
Thu 11th Speaking
Fri 12th Writing
Thu 18th Speaking
Fri 19th Writing
Thu 25th Speaking

During Feburary 2018 we’ll explore the themes of personal development and goal setting. You’ll be guided through biographies of several famous people and you’ll also get the opportunity to take an excursion to the Art Gallery or National Library with your peers.

Date Focus
Thu 1st Writing
Fri 2nd Speaking
Thu 8th Writing
Fri 9th Speaking

Why not drop by the library?

There will be several workshop series, including:

  • Library tours
  • Starting your Assignment
  • Digital Literacy
  • Data Literacy
  • Referencing and Avoiding Plagiarism
  • EndNote
  • Tools for English Language Improvement workshops

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The Connected Intelligence Centre

And it doesn’t stop there –  the Connected Intelligence Centre will be hosting sessions on:

  • Text Analytics
  • Building Resilience for Complexity
  • Data Visualisation for Wicked Problems

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