What you need to know

Here is some helpful information regarding the Summer session at UTS.

It’s my holidays! Why should I study over summer?

If you need a break over summer, take it. Summer at UTS is completely optional.

Based on student feedback, we’ve developed more opportunities during summer to help you better manage your workloads throughout the session. You might also consider studying during summer to re-take subjects, brush up your study skills or enhance your employability through a variety of workshops.

Summer’s so far away… why should I be thinking about it now?

Planning for summer now will assist you in preparing for the year ahead. You don’t have to lock anything in just yet, but perhaps consider how studying during summer might benefit you.

Where can I find out more information about enrolling into summer subjects?

Summer session subjects are offered during December to late February.

Be aware of important dates relating to your enrolment:

  • Check the Summer session availabilities in the UTS Timetable Planner, there are a limited number of places available. Enrolment is not guaranteed.
  • Refer to the online handbook, and search for the year that you started your course to see your course completion requirements.
  • Enrolment is available via My Student Admin. You can find information that will assist you to enrol on the how to enrol page.
  • If you wish to enrol in a subject offered by another Faculty as an elective, you may apply from Monday 6 November 2017 via an eRequest.
  • Cross Institutional and Non-Award study may not be available during the Summer session. You can read more about taking Summer session subjects as a non-award or cross-institutional student on the UTS Website.
  • Students are required to obtain their own e-Invoice by logging into My Student Admin and then selecting the Financial Details and then the Invoice Your e-Invoice will be emailed to your UTS webmail.

Important: If you decide to withdraw from a spring session subject, you will not be able to re-enrol. Please consider this as the summer session class may already be full.

What if I want to apply for a subject outside of my normal faculty?

If you wish to enrol in a subject offered by another faculty as an elective, you may apply from 6 November 2017 via an eRequest.
Visit the Enrolment Changes website for further information regarding enrolment into another faculty’s subjects as electives.

What are some general deadlines and dates I need to know?

For some important information around deadlines and important dates for summer, see important dates. You should also refer to the principal dates.

I don’t understand the subject categories…

Internships are usually available as electives in your course.  Gaining experience in your industry through internships and work opportunities is a great way to gain valuable experience and develop your skills while you’re studying. Please check the availability of internship subjects in your course listing in the handbook.

Enabling subjects have been developed to assist you in improving upon your current skills in various areas that are relevant to your studies. These subjects do not hold a  credit point value.

Work experience subjects are a compulsory part of your course. Find out what it’s like to work in your industry whilst gaining relevant knowledge throughout your UTS course.

General subjects will broaden your academic experience and are generally available as electives in your course.Use these subjects to broaden your academic experience. Refer to the UTS:Handbook for more information.

Going on Exchange will give your degree a real international edge. It will also enhance your understanding of language, culture and context of your chosen country.

HELPS provides non-credit point English language and academic literacy support to UTS undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Short courses will help you to competencies that will assist you on your career path. These do not contribute to your current degree, but will provide you with professional skills that can be applied to the real world.

I’m still confused about enrolling into summer subjects…

Visit the how-to-enrol page via current students.

If you need clarification on subjects relating to your coursework, please contact Ask UTS.

I’m an international student. Are there restrictions on how many subjects I am allowed to enrol in?

There are generally no restrictions on how many Summer subjects an international student can do.

As long as you undertake 24 cps in Spring and Summer combined or Summer and Autumn 2018 combined, you should be on track for completing your course in your visa duration.

For more information, contact UTS International

Will there be any events I can attend to find out more about summer at UTS?

Yes,  keep an eye on the summer at UTS homepage for information about upcoming events.

If in doubt…

Always check the UTS:Handbook